Anti Covid-19 Hygiene And Safety Measures

Passi Alterni Covid19

In this time of global health emergency, Passi Alterni Rooms&Experince wants to guarantee maximum protection and safety of guests and staff. For this reason its services has been adapted to the requirements of the regional and national guidelines for containing the spread of Covid-19. These are the measures in the guesthouse:


  • Adequate information on prevention measures has been prepared, which can also be understood by foreign guests
  • Masks always available for guests and obligation to always use them in transit areas where stopping and gathering are prohibited
  • Hand sanitizer gel alwais available in rooms and transit areas
  • First aid kit available on site
  • Books, magazines, brochures and shared pens have been removed from the transit areas


  • Compliance with the rules of interpersonal distancing of at least one meter in transit areas
  • Self check-in and check-out system, managed with the Keesy app


  • The guesthouse is cleaned by professional cleaning companies with the use of certified products effective against Coronavirus
  • Rooms and transit areas are cleaned and sanitized daily
  • Rooms and transit areas are sanitized daily with the Sany Air system
  • The rooms are sealed after the daily sanitation
  • Sheets, towels and laundry are washed according to regional and national guidelines
  • For a suitable microclimate, natural ventilation is guaranteed every day in all rooms that have independent air conditioning systems that is frequently maintained


To ensure total safety of guests and staff, breakfast must be consumed in the room where have been organised

  • A welcome tray with kettle, cups, selection of tea and freeze-dried coffee
  • Tray with single-serving products (sweet and salad) that are restored daily for the next day’s breakfast
  • Minibar with drinks and single-serving products (sweet and salad) that are restored daily for the next day’s breakfast
  • The use of disposable cups and cutlery is privileged, otherwise they will be provided properly cleaned and sanitized