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Our History

Love for Sardinia and hospitality… this is the aim of the project “Passi Alterni – Il mondo in un’isola”, a Facebook page created in 2016 with the intention to share Sardinia and its traditions through stories, images and itineraries. Welcome and hospitality in our apartment, as the grandparents of Sardinia teach, are essential values thanks to which “others cultures” meet and compare with our island. This guesthouse in the Riviera del Corallo becomes the symbolic place from which the “travel experience” in our beloved land begins, but also, through the imagination, towards the places of origin told by the guests, with the most sincere and genuine sharing spirit.


The Name

The name “Passi Alterni” is inspired by one of the most evocative and exciting popular festival in Sardinia, the “Corsa degli Scalzi” (barefoot run) in Cabras. The Facebook page cover photo, as well as many decorative objects inside the guesthouse, recall the famous run that happens in Cabras every year, the first weekend of September: about eight hundred men dressed whit a white habit, running barefoot carry on his shoulder San Salvatore’s statue from the lagoon town of Sinis towards the rural village of San Salvatore. So, between history and legend, they recall the simulacrum rescue happened in the past at the time of Saracen raids. This popular tradition, like many others in Sardinia, attracts in the Sinis many spectators from all the island, but also many tourists. This is just one of the many traditional experiences that Passi Alterni staff usually recommend to the guests, giving them the opportunity to know another side of Sardinia, the most true and authentic: not only crystalline sea, but also uses and customs, guardians of history and profound values. Why exactly the image of the run? Because this one, with his idea of movement, wants to symbolize the run to discover all the “beautiful things of Sardinia” through itineraries suggested to guests by the staff based on the duration of their stay, not only in Alghero, but also in other nearby Sardinian north-western coast places, where especially fishing traditions are very strong. For longer stays, there will be the opportunity to discover the center of Sardinia and to know the agro-pastoral traditions. Another work-in-progress project is to combine the hospitality service with a tourist guide service in the area, to contribute to the promotion and enhancement of its historical, artistic, cultural reach and food and wine wealth.